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How to Enable Safe Mode on Oppo A53

How to Enable Safe Mode on Oppo A53

As you know, Oppo A53 are most popular and powerful in the world today.. If you are a new comer for the Oppo world then you will get some little problems because of your knowledge of about Oppo A53 .. You think these problems seems like complex.. Don’t think like that. It’s all about your experience. If you are a new user precisely you will think like that..    Read More – ADDING IR SENSOR  | AS REMOTE

This article will help you to troubleshoot that all problems on your Oppo A53 very easily. Lot of problems in your Oppo A53 can identify by once you enable the Safe Mode on your device. Most of Oppo users are following this method.. but there are another ways to fix your device’s problems. By doing Master Reset on your Oppo A53 .. but it will double your work. Read More – Screen overlay Detected Problem solved

What and Why Safe Mode?

It will disable all of your device’s third-party apps. And only enable pre-installed apps and they will be restored when turn Off SafeMode . Something like after reset your phone. (Data will not be lost. only disable) You can use safe mode when you face ” Screen overlay Detected” , or to check Virus App , MIc , Sound Not working or Slow Down. Read More – What Can Do With Safe Mode


Boot In to Safe Mode on Oppo A53

Here are some steps that you have to follow:

  1. Turn Off your Oppo A53 .
  2. Press and Hold Power Button.
  3. Release Power button and hold Volume Down Key. (When you see the Oppo animation)
  4. Hold Volume Down Key.
  5. Release Volume Down key and unlock your Oppo A53 .

Here we are describing above methods Step by Step With Pictures ..

Step 1 : Turn Off your  Oppo A53

  • To do this first you have to turn off your Oppo A53 . Like shown below, hold the Power Button for few seconds and select the option to turn off your Oppo A53 .

Step 2 : Press and Hold the Power Button

  • After switch off your device then turn on your device again by holding the Power Button.

Step 3 : Release Power button and hold Volume Down Key

  • After you power on your Oppo A53 then immediately press and hold the Volume Down key when appears the Oppo logo or wait for first lights up on your screen.

  • When you start to press volume down key remember that release the power button. Because, in that time you can press one button only.

Step 4 : Hold Volume Down Key

  • Please hold the Volume Down key for a few seconds until finish restarting and appears the Lock Screen. Like shown below.

Step 5 : Release Volume Down key and unlock your Oppo A53

  • Now you could see a watermark caption “Safe Mode” at the bottom left corner of your phone screen. This will now disable all apps.

How to uninstall apps in Safe Mode on Oppo A53

  • Locate and tap on the Setting menu of your Oppo A53 device while still in safe mode.
  • Scroll down to Application Manager and tap on it.
  • Scroll down to the desired application you wish to uninstall and tap on it.
    tap on “Uninstall” when the app details are shown, then tap to confirm the uninstallation.

Turn off safe mode on Oppo A53

  1. Press and hold the Power key.
  2. Tap Restart.
  3. See More

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