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What is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a very powerful feature available on most Android smartphones that instructs the cell phone to run on the phones original default settings and without any third party applications.

This is a powerful tool when troubleshooting an Android as it allows you to rule out poorly written, malfunctioning, or troublesome applications as possible causes.

In the event that you have a terrible application or have introduced an awful refresh for an application and your telephone quits reacting appropriately or begins having issues then you could put your telephone into Safe Mode, uninstall that awful application, remove your telephone from Safe Mode and be ready, which really conveys us to our next post, how to turn on Safe Mode and how to remove your mobile phone from Safe Mode.

How to activate Safe Mode

There are a few different methods that you can use to access Safe Mode on an Android device and the method that you use is going to depend upon which make and model of cell phone you have.

Commonly to get to this Safe Mode highlight you can control the telephone off, hold down certain keys and after that the telephone will begin with Safe Mode empowered.

So if you are trying to access the Safe Mode feature it’s going to depend on what phone you have possibly what version of Android your smartphone is running on.

If you are unsure what the Safe Mode key combination is for your specific Android or how to boot your cell phone into Safe Mode then you might have to perform a quick search online to find the exact method used for your particular smartphone.

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