How to Disable Safe Mode on Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)

How to Disable Safe Mode on Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)

You can put Safe Mode into your Oppo F9 (F9 Pro) by following some different ways. But if you can’t back of it then you will set at naught. Don’t fear.. Those are some kind of bad features of Safe Mode. This article will help you to solve your all kind of Safe Mode problems and get back your Oppo F9 (F9 Pro) to normal way that you loved. Read More – ADDING IR SENSOR  | AS REMOTE

How to Disable SaHow to Disable Safe Mode on Oppo Devicesfe Mode on Oppo Devices

What’s the reason that your Oppo F9 (F9 Pro) is in Safe Mode?

Normally your Oppo Device will put into Safe Mode by itself because of bad things that your device has gone. Sometimes it may be cause of mobile app or some kind of malware that you have been attacked. Sometimes,  you can put your Oppo F9 (F9 Pro) into Safe Mode by accidentally.  Read More – Screen overlay Detected Problem solved on Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)

For all this, Safe Mode is preventing your device from lot of things. Likely, prevent from running different kind of apps or etc that you didn’t installed on your Oppo device. If you don’t have any problem to troubleshoot then you will think there is no need of Safe Mode.. Don’t think like that.. If you don’t have any problem but it impede you from using full capabilities of your Oppo F9 (F9 Pro). Read More – What Can Do With Safe Mode

Here are some methods to disable Safe Mode on Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)

  1. Restart your Oppo F9 (F9 Pro).
  2. Using Notification Panel.
  3. Using Power Up with Volume down keys.
  4. Take out the battery from your device.
  5. By removing apps.
  6. Factory Reset your Oppo Device.

You can disable Safe Mode using above methods. Here we are explaining those methods in briefly.

Restart your Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)

How to Disable Safe Mode on Oppo

Most of people trying this method for everything if some bad thing has gone on your device.. To disable Safe Mode, this method also can be use.. Hold down Power Button and wait for Power Off.. Then wait for few minutes and Turn On your Device.

If this method didn’t work then try next method.

Try from Notification Panel

This method will not work for all devices.. But there are some devices that have a Safe Mode notifications in the Notification Panel. Go to Notification Panel and tap on the Exit Safe Mode.

Still you couldn’t disable Safe Mode on your Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)??Then try to use hardware..

Use Power Up with Volume down keys

Lots of people tried this method and they said it works.. First of all turn off your device and then, in the same time hold down the Power Button and Volume Down keys..

If your Volume key has broken then your device will think that you are holding one of the volume buttons.. This will happen when you are trying to reboot or even you are not. In this moment your device cause into Safe Mode in every time. Otherwise you have to repair Oppo F9 (F9 Pro).

Take Out the Battery

First you have to turn off your device and then you can remove the battery from it. Wait for couple of minutes. After that put the battery again to your device and turn on it..

Remove some Apps on Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)

Disable Safe Mode on Oppo

If still you unable to turn off Safe Mode on your device then it probably cause of mobile app. Your device may has some kind of apps that producing an errors. It may cause to Turn On Safe Mode on your device to protect from wrack and ruin.

First you have to find out that apps and remove it from your device. As you know, we can’t run apps while Safe Mode. You can do uninstall only. Go to Settings>> Apps and see the list of apps that you have been downloaded. Mostly your device facing this Safe Mode problem is that you recently downloaded one. Select the app that you want to remove and then uninstall it.

Factory Reset Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)

Disable Safe Mode on OppoDisable Safe Mode on Oppo

Disable Safe Mode on Oppo

Read more Read More Back up Your Device Before Reset

Before trying to this method it better that you try above all methods. If still you couldn’t disable Safe Mode then try this method. Because this method will erase all kin of data in your device. Read More  Factory reset your Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)

This method will probably work as I know.. We think this guideline help you to disable Safe Mode on your Oppo F9 (F9 Pro) successfully.


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