Windows 10 problems and methods to solve them at home

Currently, more than one billion users have windows 10 on their devices. As Windows 10 is a famous operating system, you are a one-person who experiences its robust interface, enhanced streaming functions and Quick Access capabilities. Even though it is popular all over the world among many users, still every user of windows 10 is bound to run into a technical glitch or malfunctioning error from time to time. Don’t worry we have found some of the most common problems in windows 10 and the methods to solve them easily at home. So, you don’t need much knowledge of IT to do this.


It’s true that Windows 10 is an updated version with lots of new features than Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Even though it’s the forerunner, it also has its own set of issues, including the problems described below as well. And if you got any problems after updating your Windows 10, try these simple tips to solve your problem.

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Starting speed is slow

If your windows 10 booting process is slow, the issue may be due to a malware infection or an update fail. So, to scan your computer for any malware:

  • Click the windows key and “I”
  • Go to “Update and Security”
  • Select “Windows defender”
  • Choose “Full scan” and click “Scan now”

Once you have done the above-mentioned process, proceed to the next step described below, following the on-screen instructions.

To make sure your windows 10 is up to date, go to “Update & security” and tap “check for updates”.

You can go there, click on the start button, go to the setting tab and click on “Update & Security” > “Windows Update”.

Apps aren’t working

Frequently your windows apps may stop working after you installed an update. For this problem, the solution is re-downloading that app. For that, you need to go to the Windows Store, uninstall the app that doesn’t work and reinstall a copy of that.

Opening files in a different application

If there’s any break in your windows 10 files, your files may open in a different application, even you tried many times double-clicking it won’t fix it. To solve this issue, go to the start menu and “settings”. Select the “system” icon and click on the “Default apps”.  There you can select the apps you want to open in the specific file of your pc files.

Many notifications

No one like to see too many notifications. On the other hand, if you don’t get the notifications then that is also a problem. To be relieved, there is a method to track and manage all your notifications in a convenient place. To do this, click the start menu and choose “settings”. After that click “System”>” Notifications & actions”. When the notifications alert you frequently, click on the toggle switch on and off to control it.

Web browsing problems

After installing essential updates and upgrading to the latest version of Windows 10, it’s really normal to get the issues on web browsing. Even though there is not any particular reason for the slow and frozen browser, the problem is most probably with your browser code, user profile or extensions. To fix this problem follow these steps:

  • Update your browser
  • Disable add-ons and extensions
  • Uninstall and reinstall your browser
  • Uninstall or reinstall antivirus software.

If the problem still persists then try clearing your browser cache. This may differ according to your browser Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or another browser.

If all these steps didn’t fix your problem, then the problem may be a severe one. To get quick and accurate guidance contact an expert at computer troubleshooters.

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