The Ultimate Guide to solve your Roomba Error Codes

Here in this article on “The Ultimate Guide to solve your Roomba Error Codes”, we give you the answers for the errors that occur from operational to charging to get back up it is running.

Roomba itself has a well-arranged error code that clearly grouped all the error codes that your Roomba robot cleaner will get.

Although we grouped the error codes and point out their nature, these error codes appear as a cause of some action. So, if you experience any error code read the below-described steps and follow them to solve the error codes.


  1. About the operational errors and the method to fix them

2. Charging errors and the method to fix them

3. Method to Reset Roomba

The Roomba cleaners have a battery, and a home base also has brushes underneath on the wheels to make it easy to travel and clean from room to room.

All these parts may participate in creating errors on the cleaner.

For example, the battery may show errors as a result of overheating. And, the brushes and wheels under the Roomba collect dirt and dusts a lot may result in stop working the Roomba cleaner.

Whatever the problem is in your Roomba cleaner, you can find them and follow the below-described errors to fix them. So, let’s look at some of the common error codes and how you can solve them without having expert assistance.

About the operational errors and the method to fix them

Error 1: Uneven Grounds

Roomba is an energetic cleaner, but uneven grounds are a major reason for the error codes.

You will notice this error 1 if you find an uneven surface, if the left wheel of the cleaner gets tilted and stop above the ground, you will receive this message.

To fix this error, place your Roomba on a stable place, flat ground and press the “clean” button.

Error 2: Clean Brushes

Roomba cleaners have dual multi-surface rubber brushes. So, your Roomba can adjust its position and can stay in touch with the land all the time.

The reason for error message 2 is that when your brush on your Roomba fails to clean. In that instance, if you don’t clean the brush the device won’t spin and continue cleaning.

To fix this clean any dirt or dust particles and any other objects tangled on the brush of Roomba cleaner, and it will solve the problem.

Error 5: Clean Brushes

Every Roomba cleaner has two wheels. Both the wheels are below the body of the Roomba cleaner. It is significant to keep the wheels out from tangling with anything. If not, the Roomba cleaner may not work. If you find any fault with the right wheel of the Roomba cleaner, then the reason could be error 5.

The troubleshooting for this issue is simple. Take your Roomba cleaner and turned the backside. Then gently rotate the wheel. This should remove any dust particles. Still, you don’t see the dirt coming out, keep the cleaner on your hand and tap it gently with the palm of your other hand.

Error 6: Clean Cliff Sensors issues

Roomba cleaners are designed to work on flat surfaces, and they won’t do their work on bumpy floors with many obstacles. That is why the Roomba cleaner has a feature of a cliff sensor.

When the Roomba cleaners meet a wall, obstacle, fall or any other obstacle, it will show the error message 6. Until you take it and keep it back on a flat surface it won’t work.

To fix this, take the cleaner and keep it on a flat surface. If you still find this error message, check again whether it has any blockings, and anything stuck under it.

Error 7:  Issue on the wheel

The wheels are the only way that the Roomba robot use to move. It will display a message if the wheels get jammed or broken. And the cleaner detects any bumpy place you will get this message.

To fix this issue, turn the other side of your Roomba and check for any dirt on the wheels. You can also get help from a hairdryer in a cool setting, so the air blow from the hairdryer can clean out the dust.

Error 8: Clean the vacuum

Roomba cleaners have a motor and a filter. If both stop working, an error message 8 will display on it.  If the motor of the cleaner is broken, then the Roomba is unable to absorb the dust particles. On the other hand, if the filter is broken, the cleaner won’t be able to filter the dust and store them in the bin.

To take out the bin, press the bin release button on the backside of the cleaner. Gently remove the bin door and clean the trash. To slide out the filter from the bin hold down tight on the left side of the filter.  Use a brush and clean the trash inside it but make sure you don’t use any liquid detergent or water to clean it as it should be dry always.

Error 9: Clean the Bumper

You will receive error 9 if the bumper gets stuck. Turn the Roomba cleaner other side and it will be enough to remove light dirt from the cleaner. To remove the heavy dirt, you can gently shake the cleaner or use another object to clear up the hair. After you removed and cleaned the bumper press the clean button to start cleaning again.

Error 10: Clean wheel

You will get this message if your Roomba cleaner doesn’t move properly. This is due to some dirt stuck on the wheels under the Roomba cleaner. Also, it detects obstacles it will show this message.

To fix this place the Roomba cleaner on a flat surface and avoid any obstacle areas from the device. If this still happens then check the wheel whether it has anything stuck on it.

Error 11: Replace the vacuum

The Roomba cleaner has a powerful motor to absorb all the dirt, if the cleaner stop working, you will see this error message.

So, you need to replace the motor to fix this problem. In that case, we suggest you contact iRobot customer care to order a new vacuum motor. Make sure to tell them the warranty on your cleaner.

Error 14:  Cleaner can’t detect the bin

All the dust collects dirt and stores in the bin, but if the cleaner can’t detect the bin, then the error message 14 display.

Make sure to insert the bin back again properly after cleaning it. And make sure that you have installed the filter correctly.

Error 15: internal circuitry fails to communicate

You will get this error 15 messages if the internal circuity is unable to communicate.

To fix this you need to press the clean button to restart the cleaner or do a reboot.

Error 16: Tilted Bumper

You will get this error message 16 on the Roomba 900 series and I series. The reason is that the Roomba cleaner’s bumper is not located correctly, or it is not in contact with the floor properly.

For both series press and hold the clean button for a while. This should start the cleaning process again. But if you get this same message on a flat surface as well, you need to give a reboot.

Error 17: Navigation issues

Roomba also can self-navigate inside your house. But sometimes this may meet some unknown areas from time to time. If so, it will inform you by sending an Error 17 message. And it will also stop cleaning.

To fix this error, make sure to follow these steps such as don’t move any furniture inside the room, check whether there’s enough light inside the room, and make sure there is not too much clutter. This error message may appear due to an infrared interface as well.

To fix this error, turn the other side of the Roomba cleaner, and place the iAdapt® Floor tracking sensor, and clean it gently with a soft cloth.

Error 18: Docking to the home base problem

Your Roomba Cleaner is made to dock into the home base after cleaning your home. For any reason, if it doesn’t work, this error message 18 will display on the screen.

To fix this problem, do these steps:

  • Check whether that home base is unplugged or didn’t change its place during the cleaning process.
  • Make sure the charging port of your cleaner and home base are free from garbage.
  • Remove any obstacle in front of the home base.
  • Check from the Room Confinement Sensor whether your Roomba cleaner can detect the home base.

11 beeps sounds without a voice warning

This error message displays because your Roomba cleaner cannot detect obstacles. If this happens check whether your Roomba cleaner is stuck somewhere.

To fix this problem, tap on the bumper to confirm it is working. Plus, if you see your Roomba is circling, the reason may be its wheels tangled with some trash. Clean it and then it should work again.

If you hear 4 beeps or Roomba says “Please charge Roomba”

Your Roomba works from the energy of your battery. After the battery is low, it will signal it to the home base.

And if the battery is dead and it doesn’t have enough juice to come back to the base, you will get this error message. To fix it manually dock it to the home base and plug it into the charging point.

Roomba signals ”Inspect and clean Roomba’s cliff sensors”

Roomba is always depending on the Cliff sensor to detect any changes in terrain. For instance, if the Roomba goes to a staircase while cleaning other rooms cliff sensor will message it to stop.

And you will get a “Please inspect and clean Roomba’s cliff sensors” message if the cleaner is tangled with some dirt and it can’t work properly. Then clean the cliff sensor to fix this error.

Roomba’s signals “ Inspect and clean Roomba’s wheels”

Your Roomba has a two-wheel to go around your apartment to clean. And they are positioned under the cleaner. Because of their position and rotating system, very often it gets to tangle with dirt and even hair. In that case, your Roomba signals an “ Inspect and clean Roomba’s wheels” error message, make sure to clean the wheel to fix the problem.

Roomba tells ” Remove and clean Roomba’s brushes”

If you turn another side of your Roomba, you will see its brushes. For all Roomba models, brushes are positioned under the cleaner. So, if the brushes can’t move properly, you will see this message.

So, to remove this error, you need to clean the main brushes. Flip over the cleaner and lift the two yellow tabs to the opposite sides of the brush. This will unlock the compartments and then remove the dust and dirt from the yellow brush caps and the metal brush cap shaft. After finished cleaning reinstalls the brush.

Roomba comes back to the dock early with full battery.

If this happens it’s not a big problem, and there is no issue with your battery. The reason could be that the different parts of the cleaner can’t communicate with each other properly.

To fix this issue, do a reboot. Then it will work normally. If the issue still appears then contact iRobot customer care.

Charging errors and the method to fix them

Error 1: Battery disconnection

If you get this error message, probably it’s because the battery disconnected in any way. This issue may occur when the cleaner can’t detect the battery.

The messages you receive for this error differ on the Roomba model. And with the voice messages, you can see troubleshooting, battery or clean icons while charging.

To fix this problem, check whether you are using an iRobot Lithium-Ion battery.  And if you are using it and still get this error, check if anything cut off the battery connection.

Error 2: Charging problem

This message appears when your cleaner can’t charge. If your Roomba is 900 series, you will get the voice message, “Charging error two (2)”. And the 500,600,700 and 800 series also display the same error message.

To fix this issue seek help from an expert. Get help from iRobot customer care.

Error 3: Charging problem

Same as error 2 you need to contact iRobot customer care to fix this problem.

If the cleaner blinks three times, you can say they have this error.  But if you are using Roombas 600 or 700 models you will receive the message” Charging error three (3). “Please open the iRobot HOME app for help”.

Error 5: Charging system problem

According to the Roomba model, the message for error 5 could be “charging error five “or “Please open the iRobot HOME App for help”.

This error message signals that your charging system on your Roomba doesn’t work properly. This may be due to an unofficial iRobot battery or if the dust blocks the connection between the battery and the contacts in the Roomba robot. If so, try cleaning the charging connection on the home base and the Roomba robot.

Error 6: Battery gets too hot

This means that your robot doesn’t charge. This may occur when you keep the Roomba close to the heating vent, radiator, or anything that gives out heat. To fix this problem make sure to keep the Roomba cleaner at room temperature.

Error 7: Battery gets too hot or cold

This is due to the Roomba cleaner unable to charge. This may happen if the Roomba and its Home base are in a warm or cold place.

And during the winter and summer, charge your Roomba at the room’s temperature. And make sure that you don’t keep Roomba and its home base close to an oven, radiator, or refrigerator.

Error 8: Communication fails

This error may vary depending on the Roomba model you are using. And this issue occurs when the Roomba battery is unable to communicate with the Lithium loan battery.

To avoid this error don’t use counterfeit iRobot batteries. Use only authentic batteries.

Error 9: Lithium- Lon Battery error

And this may differ according to the model you are using. In Roomba 900 series “Charging error nine (9)” and on other models, you will get another message to launch the iRobot home app.

Reset Roomba

Reset the series 500 & 600

You may require resetting Roomba 500 and 600 models. This must-do just to clean some internal communication errors and battery errors. You must spend a couple of minutes to complete this reset process. This is also the same for the Roomba e series.

  1. Go to the Home and Spot button on your Roomba cleaner
  2. Press and hold both the Home and Spot button together.
  3. Hold it for 10 seconds
  4. Release the button after 10 seconds and you will hear a reboot tone.

Reset the series 700 & 800

The Roomba 700 &800 also come with the reset option same as your smartphone. After doing this process, it will reset your robot to factory/default settings. And note that it will delete all data, Wi-Fi credentials, maps, preferences, and cleaning schedules.

For this process you don’t need help from an expert, you can do it all by yourself.

  1. First press the two buttons together to do reset
  2. Find the clean button on Roomba, it should be place at middle of the control panel.
  3. Press and hold the clean button for 10 seconds
  4. Then after 10 seconds release it
  5. This will complete the reset and you will hear a sound.

Reset for series 900

You can do the reset by yourself. This can do easily using the iRobot Home app. Doing the reset part using the app will delete all the language preferences, time zone settings, third party smart speaker connections.

Another method you can use is to reset using its buttons.  In that case, you don’t lose any app data, cloud data and other account associations.

  1. You must press three buttons to reset your Roomba 900 series model

2. Find the Dock, Clean, and Spot icon on the Roomba cleaner.

3. All these should be at the centre of the control panel

4. And press the three buttons down at the same time

5. make sure to release the button when the LEDs light up

6. Then your cleaner should complete the process within minutes.

Sorted out

Thank you so much for visiting our page. Hope this article “The Ultimate Guide to solve your Roomba Error Codes “sorted out many problems in your Roomba despite the model.

If any of the above-mentioned solutions are not working for you, please feel free to tell us about it. And also, if you find any other error, mention that one too in the comment section. We will update our guide and help you as well.

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