LG Refrigerator Error Codes

It can feel like a tremendous disaster when your refrigerator stops working. Many modern refrigerators, thankfully, are programmed to display LG Refrigerator error codes error code if anything isn’t working properly. This can assist you in troubleshooting the machine and, if necessary, explaining the problem to a repair professional.

Basics of LG Refrigerators

Depending on the model, LG refrigerators can display up to 24 distinct error codes to indicate a problem. French doors, LCD displays, and multi-door options are available on recent and popular models such as the LMXS30776S, LUPXS3186N, LNXS30996D, and LFXS29766S, which require a variety of error codes. Some problem codes are frequent in newer models and can be fixed quickly. Others will need the help of a technician.

Quick Error Fixes Using LG Refrigerator Error Codes

If your refrigerator displays “OFF,” it has been set to demo mode. It’s really simple to do this on your own. Press and hold the “Refrigerator” and “Ice” buttons at the same time with the door to the unit open. Once you’ve held the buttons for five seconds, you’ll hear a beep. This will then fill the temperature display with numbers. This indicates that the refrigerator is no longer in demo mode and is ready to use.

A code of “FdH,” “rdH,” or “Erdh” indicates that the refrigerator has attempted to defrost for more than one hour and failed. Unplug the unit for two minutes to troubleshoot. The internal system should be reset during this time. The refrigerator should be able to continue its normal defrost cycle after you plug it back in. If it is unable to do so, you will need to contact a technician for assistance.

A code of “gF” indicates a problem with your LG refrigerator’s flow sensor or water pressure. An ice dispenser that is overflowing with water could be a sign of this. Partially raise the water pressure to troubleshoot. If this doesn’t work and the error code persists, contact a maintenance technician.

Error Codes that necessitate a visit from a technician

Other error codes, regrettably, are only relevant for diagnostic purposes, and associated faults necessitate professional assistance. An error code of “IS” or “15” indicates that the ice maker sensor or ice maker fan motor is malfunctioning or missing. This type of issue will necessitate the unit’s repair by a qualified expert.

If your refrigerator displays a “22,” this indicates that the compressor relay is malfunctioning. This code also signals a mechanical issue that requires a technician’s attention.

A “67” error number indicates that the door is either obstructed from closing correctly or there is a gap in the door. If the problem code persists after moving any objects near the door out of the way, you will need to contact a repair person.

A “CF” error code indicates a problem with the fan that distributes heat from the condenser at the bottom of the refrigerator. This type of problem will also necessitate the assistance of a trained technician.

A “CO” error code, on the other hand, indicates a communication issue between the control board and the display. Because this is an electronic problem, you will need to contact a technician for assistance.

A “C1” error number indicates a problem with the LCD screen’s communication with the dispenser. A repair professional will need to investigate this issue.