How to reset the water filter and filter light on a Samsung refrigerator

This will show you how to reset Samsung’s cooling water filter light and how to do so when it does not go away even after you have completed the process of replacing your Samsung cooling water filter.

Note that when the filter is changed, the filter reset indicator just goes red (otherwise, it will not be illuminated).

Samsung Refrigerator How to reset the filter light (steps to follow on different models)

With most Samsung coolers. You must keep the FILTER RESET button for approximately a second in order to switch off a red filter icon.

Check the handbook of your owner if it is not possible to follow the FILTER RESET on your fridge. It is always on the supply controls (on the front of your refrigerator).

But in other models, hit the button “WATER FILTER” or “ICE/WATER” and hold down for 3 seconds, respectively.

Now that the refrigeration process for Samsung water filters is not identical for every model. The correct Samsung refrigerating filter reset light stages for the different models are highlighted below (typical steps).

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Reset – step by step guidelines for Samsung Refrigerator models

Reset the refrigerator filter on the Samsung RF28K9070SR model.

Press and hold the ICE-MAKER button for around 3 seconds to reset the filter on your RF28K9070SR model.

The filter indication is reset as a result of this action.

Filter light reset on Samsung model RF23J9011SG/AA – instructions

Touch the CRUSHED/HOLD button for 3 seconds to reset the water filter light on your RF23J9011SG/AA.

The indicator’s color should go from red to OFF.

How to Reset the Water Filter in a Samsung Refrigerator – French Door Style

Samsung refrigerators, such as the RF260/BEAESR/AA Samsung refrigerator
After installing a new water filter, press and hold the ALARM/HOLD option for 3 seconds to turn off the red warning light.

For units with interior controls, press and hold down the FRIDGE+POWER COOL (simultaneously) buttons for further 3 seconds.

Model DA29-00003G Samsung refrigerator filter reset light

Push and hold the ALARM/HOLD button for 3 seconds to reset the replacement warning light.

RF24R7201SR/AA is a Samsung refrigerator model

Pressing the FILTER RESET button (for 3 seconds) on your RF24R7201SR/AA Samsung refrigerator after replacing the filter should turn off the reset indicator.

RF28K9095SR/AA reset filter for the Samsung cooling system | Samsung cooling system

Press and hold the CRUSHED ICE button for 3 seconds to clear the water filter notification.

Reset Samsung Filter Refrigerator RF23J9011SR

If you have Samsung refrigerator model RF23J9011SR, tap the “CRUSHED/HOLD” button for 3 seconds for Samsung’s refrigerative water filter alert reset.

Filter reset RF263BEAESR Samsung refrigerator

If your Samsung water filter is not automatically reset by your RF263BEAESR refrigerator, try the following step:

Press ICE TYPE/WATER for three seconds and hold it.

Water filter reset addresses Samsung RF28R7351SG (applies for most 4 door Samsung refrigerators)

To reset the warning notification, press the INDICATOR button CRUSHED LIGHT for 3 seconds.

Reset the light filter Samsung SRF719DLS

This is another model where the water filter light is not able when pressing the CRUSHED/HOLD button for 3 seconds.

RF28R7201SR reset Samsung refrigerator filter

Here is how Samsung Refrigerator Filter RF28R7201SR reset:

Go to the icon ICEMAKER and keep it 3 seconds long. This clears the light for the filter.

Reset filter from Samsung RF22K9381SR

Turn the FILTER RESET button and hold it for 3 seconds.

What if the warning light filter is still red. (even after a new filter has been installed and the described procedure has been attempted)

Here is another thing to do when you try out the procedures (only after inserting a new filter) when your Samsung refrigeration filter light is still red.

Another worth attempting step is to avoid resetting the LED indicator

In short, the following can also be tried if the red light has not been turned off by inserting a new filter:

Search for locking of buttons.

Please make sure that the buttons are “unlocked” or that the Samsung cooler filter reset technique does not function.

For tips on how to unlock the controls, you can check your Manual Book again.

See the seat of the filter

The filter alert light may keep blinking due to the incorrect sitting of the newly installed filter. Open the door, check the fit and fit in.

Verify that the right filter has been fitted

The light message cannot also be obvious if you do not have a legitimate product installed so that you can swap the substitute filter (as a last resort).

How to reset the filter light on a Samsung fridge – Questions often asked (FAQs)

What does my Samsung fridge do to turn off the filter light?

Mostly, pushing and holding up one of the buttons for 3 seconds to carry out a Samsung refrigerator water filter reset.

  • The button FILTER RESET.
  • Button ‘WATER FILTER’ or ‘ICE/WATER’

But you may check if the light filters in your Samsung refrigerator do not reset and unlock the buttons before retrying.

Last Words

We want to see you now reset the filter light on a Samsung cooler Eye Candy Apps. (and probably you have already gotten rid of the warning).

One last thing: the majority of Samsung cooler models comes equipped with a “LOCK” button to lock the check and often it’s to blame if the light from the Cooler does not swap from Samsungoff after trying.

It is crucial thus that you unlock the controls so that the water filter light is reset successfully and try to hold down the LOCK flashing button for 3 seconds and then try again.

The unlock technique of several models is unnecessarily different, so please verify that your manual does not function for correct directions.